A Child’s Encounter with a Spirit

Many people have told stories about their children talking to ‘imaginary’ friends, being afraid of the ghost in the closet, and following something with their eyes although, there is nothing to be seen. All these things could support the theory that children are more susceptible to seeing and feeling spirits – but how does the child make sense of what is happening and do they understand what they are seeing or communicating with?

The following is my own story. The story of what happened when my family and I (at the age of four) moved in to house which was already occupied by something unseen.

November 1st. 1997.

We moved in the day after Halloween after having spent a year living in a small apartment with a close family member. I only have few memories of what life was like before we moved in but I distinctly remember the first time, I saw the house. The house was big, painted white with large trees surrounding it and stables which I hated because of the enormous spider webs and lack of light. However, there was something else. Something inside the house which at first did not catch my attention. By the backdoor there was a staircase leading to the first floor. Old houses usually creak and allow for outside noises to be heard but this was different. The first floor was so quiet that you could hear your own blood flow and always seemed dark no matter how much light you tried to let in.

My room was on the first floor right next to the top of the staircase. My room was the pink room (the color of my choice) filled with white furniture, toys, and drawings. I do not remember being afraid of the dark until we moved into that house. In the dark corners of my room it felt like something was hiding there, watching me, and listening in to conversations when my parents would come and check on me. Constant nightmares began shortly after. Constant in the sense that it was all night, every night, every week of every month. Unaware of what to do, my mom showed me how to make a dream catcher in hopes that it would somehow calm me down and maybe in some way help me. Sadly, it did not.

I remember how it used to hang right above my bed, the four fathers dangling down and how they each would move in small circles even though the door and windows were closed. I even held my breath as I would watch it from across the room, still moving. I have numerous stories about what happened in that house. Cleaning my room and leaving for a minute only to come back and find everything scattered and broken on the floor. Feeling something laying down next to me, hearing people walking even though no one was there, seeing lights and shadows, and how everything seemed to turn bad as soon as we moved in. How my parents would fight, how my sister would act out, how I constantly would repeat that there was something bad upstairs. I did not know what it was and honestly, I still do not know, how I knew. Years later my parents told me, they felt it as well – my mom in particular. She heard it, felt it, and it even tried to hurt her whatever it was.

The house was eventually blessed by a priest and although there were aftershocks it seemed to go away. However, I still remember every second of what lead up to the moment when my parents called the priest. At the time I did not know what was going on and sometimes I wonder if being around a poltergeist, ghost, spirit or whatever you want to call it, have blurred my view of what is fiction and what is reality. Inanimate objects cannot move by themselves, you cannot feel a person who is not there, you cannot hear a sound that no one is making – or can you? I guess it is complicated. Likewise, I wonder if it may have affected who I became as a person. The thought occurred to me this previous summer when my sister found some of my old drawings and started questioning me about them. Most of the drawings was from the late 90s and most of them had to do with death, graves, people lying dead on the ground. Not exactly what the typical little girl would draw. I did not remember making the drawings but as I looked through them it reminded me of the child I once was. The kid who was shy and anxious and who, for some odd reason, on more than one occurrence hanged her dolls by the neck from the top of the staircase by the backdoor.

Have you ever encountered a spirit?   


Original photo: Forsaken Fotos.




    • It was really scary and I honestly don’t know, how my parents managed to live with it or why they chose to stay in the house. I have just written a post about another experience that I had a few years back, I hope you check it you if you’re interested stories about the paranormal. Thank you so much for the nice comment! (:


  1. One night, when my daughter was about a year old, I began rocking her to sleep in my bedroom. I had the rocking chair facing away from the door. She stood up on my lap, smiled , and began waving her hand and saying hi. We were the only ones at home as my husband was at work. It freaked me out and I did not want to turn around. I have also felt the feeling of a hand gently resting on my shoulder as I was reading a bed time story to my son. My house is old and was the family homestead of my husband’s mother. So the spirits are family members. 😊

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    • Some of my family members have had similar experiences with other family members who have passed away. Isn’t it sorta comforting to know that they are around? Even though I’m sure it’s always a little creepy when a ghost rests its hand on your shoulder, haha! Your experience sounds really cool and thank you so much for the comment! (:

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  2. When i was a kid in bed at night i’d keep my door open into the hall. There was a light in the hall. I recall looking at it and, every once in a while, getting a strange feeling. It felt like a larger presence merging with my consciousness. Everything would look the same but also (somehow) different. I wasn’t scared—rather, fascinated.

    As an adult i’ve asked, “was it my own soul? Some other consciousness doing a kind of mind-merge?” Also as an adult i have had ongoing spiritual experieces which were far more heavenly.

    So i believe in the spirit world. Many different types. Of course, some psychiatrists would try to fit it all into their categories. But imo they will realize the inadequacy of that view when they pass, if not before.

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    • That sounds like an amazing experience and it’s an interesting take on it. I have only once before heard someone mention that it could have been their own soul and I’ll admit, I don’t know how that would work but it’s something, I’m considering doing some research on, because it sounds really interesting. However, I don’t think it’s fair to call anyone’s believe inadequate. There are many scientists and psychiatrists who would disagree with my opinions, try to disprove and find a logical explanation for my experiences and that is perfectly fine. I don’t think any of us can say with certainty that we know all the answers, and I don’t think anyone should say a personal belief or point of view (whatever it might be) is inadequate.


  3. Well, I disagree but respect your voicing your opinion. I think there are certain dynamics that textbook psychiatry cannot account for. As a result, some people could be harmed. And that is not good, imo. I did volunteer work in a psych. ward. Psychiatry by and large is just an indicator of where the masses are at now. Anyone who differs (spiritually) might suffer if they fall in the hands of an incompetent doctor. But like anything, it’s complicated. Psychiatry can help too. I’m not an extremist.

    As for alterations of consciousness, you might wanna check the depth psychiatrist Carl Jung. He developed a concept called “numinosity.” It’s just an old religious studies term, which goes back further to the Latin numen (= the power or nod of a deity). Jung adapted it to psychology.

    Cheers, and thanks for saying it like you see it.


  4. Oh, you little freak, you!

    But no, seriously, that must have been scary as hell! The only thing our house had was a door, which opened on its own, and when I was ten and home alone, I thought that was quite enough!


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