Encountering a Demon

You won’t get hurt. Nothing will attach itself to you. You won’t find something evil – or will you?

Last week, I shared a personal experience with you. The story of what happened in my childhood home and how it affected me and my family. I don’t know what was the cause of the haunting but after the house had been blessed and years started to pass by, I felt myself staring to doubt whether or not it really happened. I knew, what I had seen, I remembered being afraid and although, I was deeply interested in the paranormal, I couldn’t believe it. I’m aware it might sound strange but when your family does not want to discuss it and time start to pass, sometimes you start to question whether or not you just made it all up. I did not but still, I was skeptical. After all, when we moved into the house I was just a little kid, so some memories were starting to become blurry and I can’t believe in something unless I see it for myself and know for sure that there is no logical explanation for it.

When I was in my early teens, I met someone who quickly became one of my best friends. She was one of the friendliest people, I have ever met and really just an amazing person. We started to spend time together, explore the area surrounding our school, and we would talk a lot. At some point she told me that the house she lived in was haunted and honestly, I did not believe her. Sometimes people – or at least kids – will say that their house is haunted and sometimes it is true but most of the time (in my opinion) it is not. Weird noises and being uneasy in certain places of a house does not automatically mean that it is haunted, so I brushed it off and assumed she was just exaggerating or maybe joking. She was not. I began spending more time at her house and it was not long before things began to happen. Closet doors would move slightly by themselves, noises would be heard, small things that caught our attention, and the more it happened, the more I wanted to investigate it. I was curious and honestly, I was a dumb kid.

People have told me that if you don’t invite spirits in, then they can’t hurt you. Maybe that is true but what I didn’t know was that you can invite something in without even realizing it. Kids shouldn’t try to investigate the paranormal but I did. There were areas in my friend’s house which seemed to have a bad energy. Honestly, there was something about the entire house that just did not feel right. We began spending our days ‘investigating’ and by that, I mean that we would walk around without any equipment and just see if anything would happen.  My friend would taunt, I probably did too even though I don’t remember doing it. We would try to contact it, talk to it, and things began to happen. Pictures would start showing up on my phone. Pictures that I knew, I had not taken and that nobody could have taken because my phone had been in my backpack all day. A series of pictures of weird, round lights with a bluish center.

Electronics would start turning on and off by themselves. Large furniture would begin to move by itself. The reflection of a girl’s face showed up in a mirror behind me, even though no one was there but what frightened me the most was when, I saw the shadow figure. A large, black mass in the shape of a man stood in a window and looked me. He didn’t have a face and I don’t know how I could tell that it was a man or that he was looking at me, but I could.

I believe, it was this man, who followed me home. I call it a ‘man’ because I’m not sure what else to call it even though, I honestly don’t believe that it was a man or that it had once been a person. Around this time that things began happening at my own house. My dogs would bark violently at something that wasn’t there. Things began to move by themselves, shake violently, I started to feel uneasy in my own room and I just didn’t feel okay. This point in my life was one of lowest and not because anything bad had happened but because I just felt horrible. A dark energy seemed to surround me and my mood seemed to change drastically. I wanted to be alone, I was angry at everyone and although I can’t say that this was caused by whatever followed me home, I suspect that it may have played a role, in how I started to act. It felt bad.

The attachment lasted for months and ended suddenly. I was home alone, sitting in the living room when the door, which led out to the hallway where the backdoor is, started to shake. Someone was pounding on it, hitting it so hard that it shook. Someone was trying to break in the door even though it was unlocked. I can’t describe how violent and loud it was – or how frightened I was, not knowing if someone had broken in or if someone was there to hurt me – and then it stopped. It lasted for about a minute, maybe two, and then it was gone. I’m not a religious person but it honestly felt like someone or something had forced it to go and that whatever was there, was trying desperately to grab hold of something because it wanted to stay. I called my parents in a panic and when they got home, they searched the house. All the doors and windows were locked and nothing was there. Nothing happened after that and I really, truly feel that it is gone. I can’t say for sure that what I encountered was a demon because I don’t have any proof that it was. However, I know, what I felt and I have never been so scared or seen something that dark or powerful before. It was evil. The house where I believe it came from is the one place one this earth that I don’t want to go back to. I’m just not willing to face that again and I don’t want to risk having it follow me again.

Maybe it was a bad spirit, maybe it was something darker that I unknowingly invited in. I was the kind of kid, who desperately wanted to see something, feel something, experience something and I did not believe that anything bad could happen, if you taunted or tried to communicate with a spirit. I think most kids don’t realize what they are dealing with. Just because you can’t see it and just because nothing is happening right now, doesn’t mean that happen later. You don’t get to decide if something follows you. You don’t get do decide what comes through if you try to communicate with the unseen.


Original photo: Pedro Alves.



  1. Hi again,

    I summoned up the courage to read your post at night…plus I have rap songs playing in my computer to keep from being too scared!

    I definitely agree that what you have done with investigating the paranormal and possibly taunting the spirits had made that thing follow you home. I also believe that when a person has negative thoughts, that person becomes more attractive to bad spirits. So one way to ward off bad spirits is to keep a positive attitude and keep praying — it may not help, but it won’t hurt.

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    • Are you sure, you don’t like reading scary stories at night? Because it seems like you do. (;

      Ha ha, rap songs definitely do help! I agree, a lot of spirits do seem to be attracted to negativity. Some people claim that spirits “feed” of such feelings, which is why they attach themselves to certain people and why they sometimes try to make the person’s life a living hell. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know but it’s an interesting theory. I have heard they praying could ward off bad spirits and even though, I wouldn’t say that I’m very religious, I do think there’s some truth to it. As I mentioned in another one of my posts, my childhood home was haunted and when our local priest came to the home, blessed it, and said a few prayers, something did change in the house. It’s strange and I really wish there was a way to research what happens when spirits “go into the light” or whatever happens when they disappear – and why prayers sometimes seem to affect them (but not always). So many questions!


  2. This is the reason I stopped playing with Ouwija boards when I was a kid. We had no fear of the conjuring, however the daemons liked to play on much longer than we were allowed to stay up.

    Lovely read. 🙂

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  3. For 13 years of my childhood, I too encountered the paranormal, which in turn galvanised me enough to write a novel based around what I believe drives spirits, good or bad, to do what they do. My story goes back to 1964, when we lived in a ordinary 1930s detached house on the outskirts of Nottingham, UK. Right next to our home stood an ancient Methodist church; some parts were early 20th century, other parts of it, early 19th century… and it was the early part of the building that housed most of the malevolence.

    Seeing an opportunity, my mum got a job as a caretaker at the church, and from the outset was told of the ghost of the ‘lady in the long black dress’ who supposedly drowned by throwing herself down a well, because of her abusive husband… the former caretaker, who had actually seen her had heard stories that her name was ‘Mary Anne Belle’.
    From day one my mum heard footsteps in the church, voices, laughing, the usual ghostly stuff.

    But then it got sinister!

    The ghostly happenings then migrated across to our house. I myself witnessed a shoe being thrown across the lounge with the rest of the family, Grey mist hovering over the floor of the lounge. Faces appearing randomly at any one of our windows. The strangest thing was, even though you’d get a good luck at them, you could never picture in your head what they looked like after they had disappeared from eyeview.

    While this was going on, my mum was still on the frontline were the paranormal goings-on at the church was still ongoing. She, witnessing the huge bible on the altar being thrown to the floor. The organ being played, children laughing, etc… By the ’70s it got so bad, we told an inquisitive parishioner who then left a recording device were most of the activity took place… but to no avail? They seem to like going quiet when being recorded, or filmed, don’t they.

    Saving the best till last – When I was about 5 years-old, not long after we moved into the house, I became ill and was bedridden for a few days with bronchitus. I shared a bedroom with my elder brother, and one particular night he awoke to see what he thought was my mum standing over my bed were I slept soundly.. in a long black dress. In the morning, my inquisitive 10 year-old brother asked our mum – ‘Did you come into Phil wearing a long black gown last night? Is he still not very well?’

    As you can well imagine, my mum was shocked, and never mentioned a thing of the incident until we moved away. She told me and my brother that she never came into me that night, and had never, ever owned a black gown in her life…

    Make up your own minds. But unless you are the one experiencing such paranormal activity, you will always be sceptical until it’s your turn… Sweet dreams.

    Phillip.D.Curwood (author of Arabella: A Picture of Beauty)

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  4. Great read! I use to investigate quite a bit when I was younger. I know forces are at work, but I still make sure to rule everything out first. I’m as much a skeptic as I am a believer. Old houses creek and become drafty. Sometimes, suspicious shadows can be casted from tree branches swaying in the wind outside or even car lights from a passing car. However, when everything has been ruled out, it’s definitely time to start thinking outside the box about what might really be going on. I grew up in an old New England home where I would have paranormal experiences. Luckily, for me the vast majority of them were positive. It sucks that yours were total hell. They truly can feed off your fears and usually grow stronger from them.


  5. My God, I feel quite freaked out after reading this! Thankfully it is daytime here so that helps. What a fascinating story, thx u for sharing it.


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