Inside an Abandoned House

I have always wondered, what it would be like to go inside an abandoned house. For years, it has been a dream of mine to find a house, go inside and see what happens – and yesterday, that is exactly what my friends and I did. Although the main house is in need of repair, there are still some furniture inside and curtains in the windows, which made me wonder if anyone actually still lived there. Not long ago, however, I had noticed that most of the windows had been smashed and I took that as a sign that the farm was most likely uninhabited.

We sat foot on the property at sunset.  As we walked into the driveway it became apparent that the farm was abandoned and had most likely been so for a long time, as the back door had been kicked in and the windows to the kitchen, living room, and the bathroom were all smashed. On one of the walls someone had spray-painted the name “Bob” and painted a picture of a ghost, which I guess seemed fitting. Whether or not the farm is rumored to be haunted, I do not know. Personally, I was not able to find any information regarding possible hauntings, who used to live in the house or anything at all, which in a way only made it more exciting, since I rarely go into places with what I like to call a ‘completely open mind’. No prior knowledge, no expectations, nothing.

We walked into what I assume once had been a laundry room and crawled through a sawed off door, to get into the kitchen. On the kitchen counter stood beer and vodka bottles bottles, some of which had been opened. There were a pair of car keys, a syringe next to a bottle of some type of poison (which were designed to be used on animals according to the label), a needle and threads, and in the corner we found – believe it or not – a sextoy. The packaging looked like something from the 80s and without going into too much detail, it was the kind of sextoy that a man would use (and we decided not to touch it).


Things left behind in the kitchen.

The kitchen led into the living room where a dinner table, chairs and a clock still stood. The floor was covered in glass and the carpet smelled like urine. One of the paintings had been taken off the wall and a knife had cut through it in a straight line. A dead plant still stood in one of the windows and a single sock had been thrown on the carpet. In the corner was a large piece of what I assumed was wallpaper which had been torn from one of the walls with a dark substance splattered onto it, but the thing that caught my attention were the photos.


Wallpaper on the floor of the living room.

On two of the walls still hang a couple of family photos depicting the same little boy. One where he sat alone and one where he was playing with his dog. Smiling. He could not have been more than seven or eight and from the look of what he was wearing and the redish glow of the pictures, I assume they were taken sometime in
the 70s or 80s. I do not know who the boy is, but I wondered if he grew up and moved into the house or if the pictures were hung there by his parents. Why would anyone leave something like that behind?


Inside the livingroom.



The entryway was flooded by commercial magazines and newspapers. The floor was completely covered in a small mountain of wasted paper that seemed to have piled up over what must have been years. By the entryway there were stars which led upstairs but we decided not to go up there, because the floor could possibly be unstable and collapse. Instead we headed into a small bathroom where someone had dropped a bush cutter and a large dark brown pool of ‘something’ could be seen on the floor. The brown substance seemed to come from the edge of the bathtub and spread onto the floor with drops leading out into the entryway. The seen looked so much like something out of a horror movie that it was almost hard to take it seriously.


The bathroom floor.



In the opposite end of the house there were a bedroom with so much furniture in it that it was almost impossibly to go in there. There was a mattress (again with dark stains on it similar to those we found in the bathroom), an old computer, and children’s toys one of which were a violently tied up doll. The office was right next to that room and again, everything seemed to be in complete chaos. The floor was covered in glass, plastic, papers, everything has just been thrown on the ground and left there. On the desk were a few books (one of which contained hair samples from animals), reading glasses and a handful of handwritten postcards dating back to the 1960s and 1970s. I decided not to look for more than a date on the postcards. For some reason it felt wrong to touch them and to read them. In the window sill were a bottle of vitamins, a notebook and pictures of what may at some point have been someone’s coworkers.

While I was there, I measured EMF, took pictures, shot video, and while the house does feel eerie, I was not able to capture any evidence of the paranormal. I was not able to conduct a thorough investigation in the time I was there but in all honesty, I have a feeling that even if I did spend an entire night investigating the house, I would not capture anything. The house is chilling and looks like something out of a horror movie but it feels quiet. Personally, I do not sense any bad energy or a presence while being inside the house and while that is not a scientific way or putting it, I know some of you will understand what I mean. You feel calm and relaxed while being there. Your body is not reacting to anything.

The house looked like something out of a nightmare but experiencing how it feels to walk into an abandoned house was a dream come true. While I do not recommend that anyone wanders onto an abandoned property by themselves, I must say that it is something you will never forget – but again, remember to always be carful and never to do something like this if you are underage. Old houses can fall apart and you never know who you might run into.

In this post I have attached pictures that I took while at the house. If you want to see the video that I shot, then let me know.




Pictures of former coworkers(?)



Syringe and a bottle of poison.


Book of hair samples.


Beer cans that someone left behind.


Looking from the kitchen into the bedroom.


Large knife found inside the house.



Another snapshot from the video of the bathroom.


Old cages found at the farm.


A tied up doll.


Original photo (featured image): Jason Wood.





  1. I cannot believe how awesome this! My brother and I used to sneak into the abandoned house at the end of my street when we were kids. It was very similar to your post, and it was fascinating to sift through someones old and forgotten belongings, as everything with zero or little value had been left behind. Reading this story brought me way back! Thank you! So glad I found your blog!


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