Off-Topic: If I should have a daughter

If I should have a daughter, I would want her to know:

That the monsters hiding under her bed are nothing compared to those she’ll meet out there in the world.
And while a spray bottle labeled ‘monster away’ can fight of any monster that’s hiding in her closet or under her bed, it takes something a lot more powerful to fight the other monsters. “It takes two pounds courage,” I’ll tell her: “one pound of kindness and a pinch of love.”
And when she asks me where to find all that, I’ll reassure her that she already has it. I’ll tell her that within her, she has the power to fight off any monster all on her own but that she doesn’t have to do it alone.
I’ll tell her that no matter what she does or whoever she might be, her mom is always on her team. Every woman who came before her and every girl she meets, will know what she’s going through and they’ll keep her on her feet.
If I should have a daughter, I would want her to know:
That the world will try to tell her how to dress and speak and act, and whether she listens or not is her choice to make. She can be like ‘everyone else’ or break all the rules, what matters is she’s kind and not what outfit she wears to school.
“Baby,” I’ll tell her: “just be you. Just remember to be safe and, oh, bring a jacket too.” Because at some point she won’t listen and get lost somewhere out there, and that’s okay because I think we’ve all been there.
And when someone breaks her heart, I want her to know its okay to cry, just remember how amazing life is and that you should never be afraid to try. People are going to reject you and it’s going to hurt, but I promise you the wound will heal and someday you’ll look back on it and be okay – and chocolate is always a good way to start the healing process.
If I should have a daughter, I would want her to know:
That when someone tried to silence her, then that is when she needs to scream. Louder than she has ever screamed before, because she deserves to be heard and no one is going to silence her. And although she might want to bide and kick, I want her to know that violence is never the answer, no matter what anyone else might think. She has the power to turn it all around and the words to make it happen. So scream, little girl, scream. Be true, be proud, be you.
Dedicated to the most beautiful and amazing little girl in the entire world.


This piece was inspired by Sarah Key’s Ted Talk, which you can find here. I recommend you check it out and thank you for reading my post. Maria Sjöstrand also made her version of this, it is honestly amazing and can be found here.



  1. Reminded me of “If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay, found on TedTalk or YouTube 🙂🙂 And I suppose reminding someone of a master in their field is always a good thing, so well done 😊😆😊

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    • Thank you so much, honey! And yes it was definitely inspired by Sarah Kay’s “If I Should Have a Daughter”. She did one of my favorite TedTalks (which everyone should look up if anyone’s reading the comments)! ❤️


    • It’s great to be back and great to see YOU again! Private life got a little hectic but I should be back on track pretty soon. Thank you for commenting and again, it’s great to hear from you!

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