Jesse Dwight is an author and paranormal investigator. On her website,, she shares her own experiences with the paranormal as well as interviews with people who also claim to have witnessed paranormal phenomena. Her website is dedicated to finding out what makes people afraid, which she does through weekly posts where she discusses haunted places, serial killers, suicides, and much more. Dwight also shares excerpts from her own original texts and occasional blog posts about her life.

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Site Statistics is an incredible place to promote your product and your business, if you are interesting in capturing an audience with a passion for horror. Since its launch in February of 2016, the site has been viewed more than 1,300 times with 595 unique visitors and with an average of 2.2 page views per visit.


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Opportunities Available

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  • Freelance Writing: Jesse is a horror writer and is available for both one-time and regular freelance writing assignments.
  • Speaking: Jesse is available to speak on a variety of topics, including: motivational, inspirational, the paranormal, or blogging topics.


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