Encountering a Demon

You won’t get hurt. Nothing will attach itself to you. You won’t find something evil – or will you?

Last week, I shared a personal experience with you. The story of what happened in my childhood home and how it affected me and my family. I don’t know what was the cause of the haunting but after the house had been blessed and years started to pass by, I felt myself staring to doubt whether or not it really happened. I knew, what I had seen, I remembered being afraid and although, I was deeply interested in the paranormal, I couldn’t believe it. I’m aware it might sound strange but when your family does not want to discuss it and time start to pass, sometimes you start to question whether or not you just made it all up. I did not but still, I was skeptical. After all, when we moved into the house I was just a little kid, so some memories were starting to become blurry and I can’t believe in something unless I see it for myself and know for sure that there is no logical explanation for it.

When I was in my early teens, I met someone who quickly became one of my best friends. She was one of the friendliest people, I have ever met and really just an amazing person. We started to spend time together, explore the area surrounding our school, and we would talk a lot. At some point she told me that the house she lived in was haunted and honestly, I did not believe her. Sometimes people – or at least kids – will say that their house is haunted and sometimes it is true but most of the time (in my opinion) it is not. Weird noises and being uneasy in certain places of a house does not automatically mean that it is haunted, so I brushed it off and assumed she was just exaggerating or maybe joking. She was not. I began spending more time at her house and it was not long before things began to happen. Closet doors would move slightly by themselves, noises would be heard, small things that caught our attention, and the more it happened, the more I wanted to investigate it. I was curious and honestly, I was a dumb kid.

People have told me that if you don’t invite spirits in, then they can’t hurt you. Maybe that is true but what I didn’t know was that you can invite something in without even realizing it. Kids shouldn’t try to investigate the paranormal but I did. There were areas in my friend’s house which seemed to have a bad energy. Honestly, there was something about the entire house that just did not feel right. We began spending our days ‘investigating’ and by that, I mean that we would walk around without any equipment and just see if anything would happen.  My friend would taunt, I probably did too even though I don’t remember doing it. We would try to contact it, talk to it, and things began to happen. Pictures would start showing up on my phone. Pictures that I knew, I had not taken and that nobody could have taken because my phone had been in my backpack all day. A series of pictures of weird, round lights with a bluish center.

Electronics would start turning on and off by themselves. Large furniture would begin to move by itself. The reflection of a girl’s face showed up in a mirror behind me, even though no one was there but what frightened me the most was when, I saw the shadow figure. A large, black mass in the shape of a man stood in a window and looked me. He didn’t have a face and I don’t know how I could tell that it was a man or that he was looking at me, but I could.

I believe, it was this man, who followed me home. I call it a ‘man’ because I’m not sure what else to call it even though, I honestly don’t believe that it was a man or that it had once been a person. Around this time that things began happening at my own house. My dogs would bark violently at something that wasn’t there. Things began to move by themselves, shake violently, I started to feel uneasy in my own room and I just didn’t feel okay. This point in my life was one of lowest and not because anything bad had happened but because I just felt horrible. A dark energy seemed to surround me and my mood seemed to change drastically. I wanted to be alone, I was angry at everyone and although I can’t say that this was caused by whatever followed me home, I suspect that it may have played a role, in how I started to act. It felt bad.

The attachment lasted for months and ended suddenly. I was home alone, sitting in the living room when the door, which led out to the hallway where the backdoor is, started to shake. Someone was pounding on it, hitting it so hard that it shook. Someone was trying to break in the door even though it was unlocked. I can’t describe how violent and loud it was – or how frightened I was, not knowing if someone had broken in or if someone was there to hurt me – and then it stopped. It lasted for about a minute, maybe two, and then it was gone. I’m not a religious person but it honestly felt like someone or something had forced it to go and that whatever was there, was trying desperately to grab hold of something because it wanted to stay. I called my parents in a panic and when they got home, they searched the house. All the doors and windows were locked and nothing was there. Nothing happened after that and I really, truly feel that it is gone. I can’t say for sure that what I encountered was a demon because I don’t have any proof that it was. However, I know, what I felt and I have never been so scared or seen something that dark or powerful before. It was evil. The house where I believe it came from is the one place one this earth that I don’t want to go back to. I’m just not willing to face that again and I don’t want to risk having it follow me again.

Maybe it was a bad spirit, maybe it was something darker that I unknowingly invited in. I was the kind of kid, who desperately wanted to see something, feel something, experience something and I did not believe that anything bad could happen, if you taunted or tried to communicate with a spirit. I think most kids don’t realize what they are dealing with. Just because you can’t see it and just because nothing is happening right now, doesn’t mean that happen later. You don’t get to decide if something follows you. You don’t get do decide what comes through if you try to communicate with the unseen.


Original photo: Pedro Alves.


A Child’s Encounter with a Spirit

Many people have told stories about their children talking to ‘imaginary’ friends, being afraid of the ghost in the closet, and following something with their eyes although, there is nothing to be seen. All these things could support the theory that children are more susceptible to seeing and feeling spirits – but how does the child make sense of what is happening and do they understand what they are seeing or communicating with?

The following is my own story. The story of what happened when my family and I (at the age of four) moved in to house which was already occupied by something unseen.

November 1st. 1997.

We moved in the day after Halloween after having spent a year living in a small apartment with a close family member. I only have few memories of what life was like before we moved in but I distinctly remember the first time, I saw the house. The house was big, painted white with large trees surrounding it and stables which I hated because of the enormous spider webs and lack of light. However, there was something else. Something inside the house which at first did not catch my attention. By the backdoor there was a staircase leading to the first floor. Old houses usually creak and allow for outside noises to be heard but this was different. The first floor was so quiet that you could hear your own blood flow and always seemed dark no matter how much light you tried to let in.

My room was on the first floor right next to the top of the staircase. My room was the pink room (the color of my choice) filled with white furniture, toys, and drawings. I do not remember being afraid of the dark until we moved into that house. In the dark corners of my room it felt like something was hiding there, watching me, and listening in to conversations when my parents would come and check on me. Constant nightmares began shortly after. Constant in the sense that it was all night, every night, every week of every month. Unaware of what to do, my mom showed me how to make a dream catcher in hopes that it would somehow calm me down and maybe in some way help me. Sadly, it did not.

I remember how it used to hang right above my bed, the four fathers dangling down and how they each would move in small circles even though the door and windows were closed. I even held my breath as I would watch it from across the room, still moving. I have numerous stories about what happened in that house. Cleaning my room and leaving for a minute only to come back and find everything scattered and broken on the floor. Feeling something laying down next to me, hearing people walking even though no one was there, seeing lights and shadows, and how everything seemed to turn bad as soon as we moved in. How my parents would fight, how my sister would act out, how I constantly would repeat that there was something bad upstairs. I did not know what it was and honestly, I still do not know, how I knew. Years later my parents told me, they felt it as well – my mom in particular. She heard it, felt it, and it even tried to hurt her whatever it was.

The house was eventually blessed by a priest and although there were aftershocks it seemed to go away. However, I still remember every second of what lead up to the moment when my parents called the priest. At the time I did not know what was going on and sometimes I wonder if being around a poltergeist, ghost, spirit or whatever you want to call it, have blurred my view of what is fiction and what is reality. Inanimate objects cannot move by themselves, you cannot feel a person who is not there, you cannot hear a sound that no one is making – or can you? I guess it is complicated. Likewise, I wonder if it may have affected who I became as a person. The thought occurred to me this previous summer when my sister found some of my old drawings and started questioning me about them. Most of the drawings was from the late 90s and most of them had to do with death, graves, people lying dead on the ground. Not exactly what the typical little girl would draw. I did not remember making the drawings but as I looked through them it reminded me of the child I once was. The kid who was shy and anxious and who, for some odd reason, on more than one occurrence hanged her dolls by the neck from the top of the staircase by the backdoor.

Have you ever encountered a spirit?   


Original photo: Forsaken Fotos.