On this website I use images and icons, which are not always created by me. Here, I have listed the names (or aliases) of the photographers and designers and added a link to their websites into order to give them the full credit. I recommend everyone go to their pages and look at their work, since they are all highly talented and have created amazing content.

Icon designed by Freepic of

The photographs used in my blog posts are listed below with my oldest post at the top and the newest at the bottom. Each photographer have also been credited in the blog post which contains their photo. The list will be updated each time a new post is made on my blog.

“A Child’s Encounter with a Spirit.” Original photo: Forsaken Fotos.

“A Certain Kind of Death.” Original photo: Space Ritual.

“Fox Hollow Farm.” Original photo: Cat Sanchez.

“Encountering a Demon: Don’t Invite Them In.” Original photo: Pedro Alves.